Upper Sacramento Fishout

We all arrived Friday evening at the Cave Springs Resort to be welcomed by wonderful weather. Some of the group went out to dinner at Madeline's where they feasted on her new menu with a strong influence from Spain where Madeline spent the winter last year. A good time was had by all.

In the morning we all went to breakfast a the spot down the street and from there everyone departed to different sections of the river. Mary Nishioka and I were guided that day by Ron Hart. We were shown areas of the river which neither of us had fished before. We both caught lots of fish and had a wonderful day. Best of all, there were lots of bugs, caddis' in the river bed, and lots of smelts on up. The river look alot better than it did last year. More of everything, which is a good indication that the river continues to recover from the spill.

The rest of the group, Jesse Lawson, Judy Decker, Sheree Kajiwara, Richard Izmirian, Alan Fisher, Jon Earhart and guest Rob fished and also caught lots of nice fish. Various flies were working from A.P. Blacks to top water flies such as Elk Hair Caddis and Royal Wolf. They were just in the mood.

Saturday night we had a wonderful potluck-birthday party for Sheree and Jon. Both were celebrating their days on the river, what better place to be. We had a marvelous barbeque which Richard was in full charge with Great Ribs, Venison sausage and Salmon accompanying lots of snacks. To top things off we had a lovely cake after which some of us just rolled home.

Sunday after breakfast we all headed out to fish the river on the way home. We had great weather, lots of fish and a great group. Thanks to all who came.

See you on the river,
Susan Anderson