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Trinity Steelhead 2000

The November Trinity Steelhead fishout began early Thursday morning with a nice leisurely drive to the Trinity Canyon Lodge with our esteemed fishmaster and my pal Mike Pinelli. Obviously, you realize that most fisher people have a great deal of difficulty getting through Redding without stopping at the Fly Shop. We stopped. Later, upon offloading our belongings at the Lodge, Mike Pinelli and I began suffering from a sever case of "cabin fever" so we drove down the river a short distance to reconnoiter the area. We did take fishing equipment just in case we wished to wet a line. The river with its alluring power was in fact overpowering us, so we did stop in several areas to wet a line. I did manage to catch a small steelhead on a black rubber legs, size 6 right at o' dark thirty. The following day about six of our gang had scheduled guides for the day.

Joe Piazza and Gordon Lilly had good success fishing with a size 4 golden stone with rubber legs drifted under an indicator with a couple of split shot on the leader. To the best of my knowledge most fishing by all of our group was performed using this style set up. Joe and Gordon granted their guide an opportunity to cast on one occasion and he did catch about a nine pound steelhead using the aforementioned fly. Phil Drees and Wayne Taylor Jr. were guided further upstream and did very well landing 7 or 8 steelhead to 5 pounds. They commenced their float at the Lewiston bridge. They were using #8 bead head biot golden stones, with a #10 salmon egg dropper. Most of their fish were caught on the salmon eggs imitations. Mary Nishioka and Sherrie Kajiwara did not experience much luck while fishing with their guide. Others of our group while wading or bank fishing did catch fish, however they were small in stature. I believe that Dennis Marquet probably caught the most fish of the bank/wading fisher people. At one point Saturday I did lean my rod against a bush and proceeded to tail a salmon of about 20 pounds. I yelled to Tom Lamb and Phil Drees as I tailed the salmon and held her up. She squirmed and slipped from my grasp, but I quickly tailed her again and held her up once again for Tom and Phil to see. Look partner, no rod required.

Saturday night we had a gala time at the annual pot luck dinner/barbecue. I don't know why the food always tastes so great when one is on a fishing trip, but once again everyone outdid themselves with their speciality dishes. I suspect those bringing food take time to calculate each measurement of ingredient with greater attention in preparing their special recipes for these special occasions. Jonathan (lodge owner) donated some prizes for a drawing . The first three prizes were packets of flies, leaders, indicators and such. These prizes were won by Mary Nishioka, Gordon Lilly and Paul Lutz. The first grand prize was two free nights stay at the Trinity Canyon Lodge which was won by Sherrie Kajiwara The other first grand prize was a guided float trip down the Trinity River won by Tom Lamb. Those guys always win. We then drew one more name to determine who would be first on the non winners list. Joe Piazza won again.

I believe that we really surprised my son by singing happy birthday to him and presenting him with a cake as Saturday was his birthday. He stated that he had forgotten it was his birthday and was so discombobulated when asked his age, he could not recall how old he was.

I must report that I was elated to hear that those having a cup or two of coffee in room 10 Sunday morning did not get sick. Seems that Mike Pinelli ran a bit short of the coffee making material Sunday morning. I caught him fortifying the coffee by straining some very weak coffee through the socks he had worn the past few days. Phil Drees, tough guy that he is, just added another packet of sugar and didn't notice any difference in Mike's coffee. Fortunately for me I had brought some hot chocolate from home .

Wayne Taylor

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