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Wilms Fishout 2009

by Dave Peterson

April 11 2009

JB Brahy and Jim Johnston combined their two fishouts at Wilms Ranch this year. JB brought his new members and Jim brought his lovely wife Joan and the veterans. While there was some early concern that we might “overload” the ponds with two groups, in the end there was plenty of room for everyone.

Rich Slade and I arrived around 8 AM, just as Paul Wilms was opening the gates to the ponds. It was already warm enough to shed our light jackets and the winds that had been so prevalent early in the week were non-existent. We started on the trout pond and fished there for a while with out much (any) luck. As the members started showing up around 9AM we moved to the largest of the two bass ponds. The fishing improved once we got to the bass ponds but it was still challenge. Rich Holubek hit the water and almost immediately hooked into a couple of nice bass. One, in Rich’s humble opinion, approaching 5lbs. From my perspective, and I admit that I was quite a ways off, this seemed to reflect the kind of optimistic appraisal that got us into our current mortgage crisis. Debbie Lamica also did quite well, in both cases I believe they were fish dark colored wooly buggers.

As good as the fishing was, lunch was even better. JB put on his usual outstanding Bar-B-Cue. Last years hamburgers were replaced by Morton’s Tri-tip, chili and macaroni salad. After consuming this “light” lunch we were treated to a casting clinic by Chris Arbulich. Chris not only demonstrated casting, but the techniques needed for catching bass. Best of all, when one of our most respected members bet Chris he could not catch two fish in 10 minutes, Chris responded by actually catching two fish in less than six minutes. (yes, apparently having the right fly and getting the presentation right can make a difference).

For the remainder of the afternoon Chris and some of the other mentors spent time with new and some old members, helping them improve their own skills. The usual afternoon winds came up around noon but never got very strong. All in all, it would be hard to improve either the weather or the companionship. I am already making plans to go back there next year.

John on the trout pond

   Mike's boat, Wilms

Wilms Ranch Bass

Slade on the trout pond


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