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Sunshine, Frosty Nights and Giant Trout

PFF fall color adventure in Yosemite Oct 2006

by Gary Trott and Tony Plutynski

December 2006

With the smell of fall and frost in the air the trout fisherperson thoughts
turn to - - - catch bigger and more

The PFF fall adventure to the lair of the giant "bigfoot" brook trout began Thursday about 12:30 PM when we loaded up Gary's Explorer and headed east to the high country with high expectations for fishing. With only two of us going this year we decided to only pause and rest for a short while next to the now famous jumping trout lake. Tony advertises the lake as a place where one can always catch your limit. That is an understatement. After 5 minutes of fishing we each caught as many fish as we wanted, but rest time was not over yet. So the challenge was to see if you could whistle and make the fish jump. Do not try this on just any old lake. This technique is only for the experts. But sure enough, the pictures tell the whole story.

The Windup
The wind up and approach

The Splash5
The splash

Eventually we set out for the ultimate goal with the intent to arrive in time for early evening fishing. Tony's fly and bubble method was devastating and we had two nice 15" brook trout for supper.

Two Brookies
15" Brook Trout

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring the nooks and crannies of near by lakes.

Stalking jaws

Catching fish is such hard work that Tony took a short nap

Napping in the sun

There are more stories to tell about this trip long distances walked, sometimes with or without the help of a GPS unit, but those are best shared in the evenings after dark, around a warm campfire with friends.

Until we meet again, may your rod always point you towards bigger and better fish.
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